Only PAY for ADVERTS that are READ

For as low as *KES 10,000/= (approx US$100 for non-Kenyan businesses) you can get your advert READ by a 1000 people GUARANTEED.




That was in the past...NOW you do not have to throw away a single cent on advertising in the hope that people will read your advert.


If they do not read your Advert, you do not pay.


That’s the advantage of FACEBOOK advertising where there are these number of potential customers:



You also decide how many people you want your advert to be read by and if the numbers are not reached, we will refund your money!


You can also specify what kind of people should be reading your ad, namely:


1. Men of a certain age group, Women of certain age group or Both.

2. In which country they should be residing (Kenya, UK, Canada, Germany etc (there are certain exceptions)

3. In which city they should be residing (Mombasa, Nairobi, London, Tokyo, Toronto, Berlin etc (there are certain exceptions)

4. What are their interests - e.g. clothing, cell phones, electronics, books, shoes, beauty treatments, massages etc.


Does your business need to be on Facebook?

You do not need to have a Facebook page. Your MAIN advert will be placed on our Facebook page.

We will then create interesting invite to read mini ads that will be published over many days to the target potential customers on 14 different channels- to 'entice' them READ your MAIN Advert.

No charges are made for the invite to read ads. 



How will you know how many people have read your ad?


In the above case charges would be made for Website Clicks only (1687)

Facebook supplies statistics on how many people clicked on the invite to read your main advert (called WEBSITE CLICKS). It also provides the number of times the invite to read advert was shown to your target audience (IMPRESSIONS) and how many unique people actually saw the invitation to see your full advert (REACH).

No charges are made for the invite to read ad. 


We will share this with you.


WEBSITE CLICK means that a reader out of the 94,942 who were invited actually clicked to view and read your MAIN advert.
In the above case 1687 readers were interested to read the MAIN advert.


If the RESULT numbers (the ones who actually READ your MAIN ad) are not reached, we will REFUND your money.


You will also be supplied with stats on who read your advert (how many Men, Women and also, if required, their age groups. (These stats can assist you in deciding future advertising campaigns)




What does it cost to get a GUARANTEED READ?

Prices vary depending on the requirements (based on Countries and the target Interests).

E.g. it only costs *KES 10,000/= to reach a guaranteed 1000 people (minimum requirement) if the advert is broadcast to Mombasa only without any specific interest consideration.

That’s just an investment of KES 330/- per day to get your message definitely READ by a 1000 potential customers over 30 days.


*Based on prevailing current rates


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  What is required?

All we require is an artwork in digital format which is in size 940 x 788 pixels and a confirmed order with payment.


NOTE: If you do not have an artwork of the advert, we can create one at a reasonable cost.


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