There are 2 ways to Chief's Office - Kongowea...avoid the 'lethal' one...

Next Step

Recently our Lead Consultant- Murtaza Saeed (who is also a local Google Guide) had to visit the Chief of Kongowea (sub location of Nyali). He initially took the road which is via the Kongowea Market (via Nyali Road)- that was BAD news especially as it had rained the previous night. 

On complaining of the state of the road to the Chief, she mentioned that there was another much better route. So on the way back he was shown that route- and what a difference! This route is fully 'cabroed' (except for one small patch) which eventually joins the Links Road.


The location of the Chief's Office-Kongowea has now been added to Google Maps - so if you need to visit her, just google it and ensure you take the route via LINKS Road and NOT the NYALI Road.




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