FREE promotion for Tourism Professionals

If you are a Tourism Professional (i.e. an official member of the TOURISM PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION [TPA]), you can post your CV on the CVs and Resumes Bank page of TPA's website and promote yourself to the tourism industry employers worldwide.

It’s simple – just send your CV as a .pdf file to and they will do the rest.

FREE for TPA members 

(KES 1500 for non-member students /  KES 2500 for other non-members)

And the FREE listing is displayed on the internet for 6 months.


The way we see it,  if you are involved in the Tourism or Hospitality sector and looking for 'greener pastures', this is the best institution to belong to and also get promoted by them.

The first year's subs (@ KES 2500 -which are ridiculously low at the moment and we think may go up in the near future) will pay for your promotion for 6 months. And we also think it is easier to join at the moment but is likely to get difficult as the membership numbers grow.

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The list of benefits that are accorded to members is impressive. The cherry on the cake is the official certificate of membership of this important institution in the TOURISM sector in Kenya (which surely will open many doors of opportunity for you).

 If you are working in the Tourism or the Hospitality industry in Kenya and whether you are looking for 'new pastures' or not, we recommend that you join up as a member of the TPA without delay.

Click here to Apply on-line.

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