3 Ways to Clean Your Iron-Box ...and prevent messing it up in future....

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Isn't it just so annoying when your iron box has stuff sticking to the sole?

We know the feeling!

So first of all, here is how to clean your 'dirty' iron....

If this happens continuously, it is time to find a way to prevent  this happening.

Well fortunately, there is a way!

There is a NEW type of iron box base which you should consider to purchase.

The new type of soles for iron boxes are CERAMIC sole plates.
These are plates made of aluminum or plastic with ceramic coating.
Such type of sole plates will have a metal plate with a ceramic material overlaid on it and are known as ceramic sole plates.

Ceramic is a material from clay and when fired will become hard and brittle.

CERAMIC sole plates have the following features or benefits:
1. Have a good heat conducting capability
2. They distribute the heat evenly
3. They prevent or eliminate static
4. They prevent clothes from sticking on to the surface at higher temperatures

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